Thursday, April 2, 2009

Police raid, rob critical blogger

Carlos Miller passes on this story of Jeff Pataky, a blogger who has made a name for himself by being critical of the Phoenix police. He has grown to the point where he claims he has "50 to 100 retired and active cops" providing him information. He has exposed many cases of police wrongdoing in Phoenix.

Well, the Phoenix police department responded last month by raiding his home, and stealing all of his computer equipment and records. He says they even broke into his safe and stole the backups to all of his files.

So what were the charges? Petty theft - of police name plates, which Pataky has already proven that he made himself - and, get this; "computer tampering with the intent to harass."

In other words, he was raided for "harassing" the police department.

That's scary stuff.

On a side note, does this guy disprove the notion that blogging can't provide investigative journalism?

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